In-company training

La Innovation Kitchen is happy to offer the training your organization really need. From online and offline seminars to workshops, and training activities that have been carefully designed to match your organization, teamwork and your customer needs'. Our trainings can happen in our space, your space, online or visiting and interacting with top spaces and business leaders.

What are you looking for?


One of our activities organized by DesignThinkers Group Club that seeks to update its staff while having a pleasant time.

Business design at the company or enterprise level to outline ideas and business models, understand opportunities and generate monetization strategies.

Analysis and design of new business models, optimization of current ones or detection of new resources.

Tools and methods to understand consumer habits, behaviours and preferences and plan sales and marketing strategies

Informal meetings to cook up ideas for innovation and speak with expert guests. Events can be private, open to the public, or just for La Innovation Kitchen members. They can take place in your workspace or in our kitchen in Barcelona.

Customer Journey Mapping as one of the key tools to understand any process and design experiences and services.

Design Thinking Basics is an introduction to methodologies and processes for personal or business

We help organizations to add to their architectural and urban projects a human-centered design

Design Thinking and Lean applied to the design and implementation of Marketing strategies at all levels. Analysis of channels, customer key points and segmentation by tribes.

The empathic negotiation canvas helps to prepare negotiations by knowing the counterpart in depth and analysing their motivations, objections and possible arguments. Essential tool for strategists, sales, unit managers and middle managers.

Design Thinking applied to Sales processes, Account Planning and Customer Tracking.

Introduction to the value of design as a differential element of the business, its maximum usage and management within the current structure of the company, manufacturing and marketing. For companies interested in adding design to their business.

How to apply gamification to your internal processes, services, and even work meetings? Turn your processes into agile and enjoyable activities while increasing your productivity.

A new way of understanding your clients, segmenting them by preferences and lifestyle to best engage and keep them with you

Program for building a positive work culture within companies, to renew motivation in teams and help staff find a balance between life and work.

Program for building a positive work culture within companies, to renew motivation in teams and help staff find a balance between life and work.

How to design products and services that match real human needs and expectations? HCD puts people and not technology in the center.

Aimed at companies interested in developing sub-brands, spin-offs, new lines or families of products or investing in new businesses. It provides tools for analysis and measurement of viability and opportunity scenarios.

Aimed at companies and organizations that have detected internal leaders capable of moving forward with projects that make the organization grow, lead new initiatives or start in new markets.

What is a Trend? a Hype? a Fad? how can I detect, understand and use trends professionally? All the methods and tools.

For companies that start innovation processes and want to do it right from the beginning. Concepts, tasks and essential roles, processes and objectives. Building up an innovation program and its management

Basic theories, principles, and concepts of organization and management through lectures and critical thinking exercises that incorporate art & design business case studies.

Service Design Program oriented to companies that want to improve or design profitable user-centered services with analysis and design methods applied to the design of the store experience, web, customer service, and sales and exhibition spaces.

Service Design introduction to the creative process of service innovation using HCD methodologies

Design of Acquisition and Customer Service strategies based on the design of services, which allow the maintenance and loyalty of different segments.

Analysis, Prototyping and Testing of new Services before being launched on the market, implementation tests and quality of service. Measurement of efficiency and profitability of services.

For organizations and government entities interested in generating innovation with social impact through their projects or organizations that seek to understand how to innovate internally

We help large and entrepreneurial companies to streamline their internal processes and services, understand bottlenecks, solve efficiency challenges and implement quick solutions directly.